Deux conférences d’Alain Supiot, professeur invité par le Peter Wall Institute :

1) Law’s Subordination to Numbers: From the Gosplan to the Total Market

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Thursday, May 12 | 4:00 pm
Location: Allard School of Law, Room 122, 1822 East Mall, Vancouver.

2) What does the ILO constitution mean by « un régime de travail réellement humain » (humane conditions of labour)?

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Thursday, May 19 | 4:00 pm
Location: Peter Wall Institute, Seminar Room 307, 6331 Crescent Road, Vancouver.

Professor Alain Supiot was founding Director of Nantes Institute for Advanced Studies, and professor at the University of Poitiers and Nantes. He was elected to the Collège de France in 2012 as Chair, The Social State and Globalization: a legal analysis of forms of solidarity.

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