Faculty of Arts


Undergraduate Programs

UBC’s Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies offers several programs designed for undergraduate students who wish to learn about the language, literature and culture of these international civilizations. Undergraduate students wishing to pursue a specialization in the French Language and Literature program choose from a wide variety of language, literature, linguistic and cultural courses that draw from the rich history and diversity of the Francophonie. Taught in both French and English, the coursework aims to foster an in-depth understanding of the French-speaking world.

Undergraduate students can choose several specializations across the disciplines in the Arts, the most common being Major, Minor or Honours programs, which lead to undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

UBC’s Faculty of Arts is extremely diverse and interdisciplinary, and is grounded in three academic pillars: the humanities, the social sciences, and the creative and performing arts. With its goal to educate global citizens, the Faculty of Arts offers over 60 undergraduate programs that emphasize the importance of analyzing, synthesizing and communicating an understanding of social and cultural diversity, both locally and globally.

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