Welcome to the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC!

It is with great pleasure that UBC Extended Learning invites you to share ideas and events with UBC teachers, students and alumni in our beautiful official language. British Columbia’s francophone and francophile communities have played a key role in promoting French in our province through, for example, the creation of French immersion programs and, more recently, the Francophone Education Authority of British Columbia. Having often been associated with these types of initiatives, UBC Extended Learning now joins together with the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education in inaugurating the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC.

For more than 40 years, UBC Extended Learning (formerly Continuing Studies) has taught English to thousands of students from Quebec, and French to tens of thousands of anglophones and other non-francophones. UBC has maintained a presence in Quebec, first at the Université de Montréal since 1982, and then at the Collège Mérici in Quebec City since 1992. More than 2500 teachers in British Columbia have participated in the Institut de Français: UBC à Québec. UBC Extended Learning has also offered similar programs in France, in Martinique, and even in Tahiti.

With more than 20,000 students registered every year, UBC Extended Learning offers hundreds of courses, seminars and conferences for adult learners. While the majority of these events are offered in English, some are also offered in French.

Together with the Faculties of Arts and Education, we invite you to join us in the new Centre de la Francophonie, which will serve both as a gathering place and as an important centre for the promotion of francophone engagement at UBC.


Dr. Francis Andrew
Program Director Emeritus, French Centre

Dr. Judith Plessis
UBC Extended Learning