Centre de la Francophonie de UBC

The Centre de la Francophonie de UBC is a joint venture of the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies in the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Language and Literacy Education in the Faculty of Education, and UBC Extended Learning. The Centre encourages cross-cultural dialogue, the promotion of the French language on campus and in the community and of Francophone cultures in Canada and around the world.

Every year at UBC, more than 6000 students take a wide variety of courses taught in French by the Faculties of Arts and Education, and by Extended Learning. The Centre de la Francophonie de UBC seeks to pursue its mandate through this diversified academic population.


The goal of the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC in the community – that is, the community of UBC students and alumni, as well as the general public – is to offer high-quality learning opportunities in French, centered around the programs which currently exist at UBC. In addition, the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC welcomes Francophones and students for informal gatherings and discussions in French, at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on the UBC campus and at UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.

At the national and international levels, the Centre de la Francophonie de UBC will:

  • seek to establish partnerships with other universities
  • welcome speakers during colloquia intended both for students and for the general public
  • publish notes of these colloquia through podcasts
  • organize projects in collaboration with the Francophone community in Vancouver